F. Stoican, Prodan, I., Strutu, M. - I., and Popescu, D., “Geometrical interpretation on the coverage problems for a mobile agent”, in 18th International Conference on System Theory, Control and Computing, Sinaia, Romania, 2014.
M. - I. Strutu, Stoican, F., Prodan, I., Popescu, D., and Olaru, S., “A characterization of the relative positioning of mobile agents for full sensorial coverage in an augmented space with obstacles”, in Proceedings of the 21st Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, Platania-Chania, Crete, Grecee, 2013, p. 936-941.Abstract
This paper addresses the coverage problem for a collection of agents and fixed obstacles (e.g., the “gallery” and the “patrolling” problems). A collection of sufficient conditions over the positions of the agents are provided such that whenever these are verified there is no “blind” region in the feasible space. These conditions are expressed by making use of hyperplane arrangements which lead to a mixed-integer formulation. Practical applications regarding the coverage problem inside an augmented space with obstacles validate these concepts and provide an efficient implementation (in terms of computing power).