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Set-Theoretic Fault Tolerant Control in Multisensor Systems
F. Stoican and Olaru, S., Set-Theoretic Fault Tolerant Control in Multisensor Systems, Engineering & Materials Science. London: Wiley - ISTE, 2013, p. 176. Buy onlineAbstract
Fault-tolerant control theory is a well-studied topic but the use of the sets in detection, isolation and/or reconfiguration is rather tangential. The authors of this book propose a systematic analysis of the set-theoretic elements and devise approaches which exploit advanced elements within the field. The main idea is to translate fault detection and isolation conditions into those conditions involving sets. Furthermore, these are to be computed efficiently using positive invariance and reachability notions. Constraints imposed by exact fault control are used to define feasible references (which impose persistent excitation and, thus, non-convex feasible sets). Particular attention is given to the reciprocal influences between fault detection and isolation on the one hand, and control reconfiguration on the other.