Reference governor for tracking with fault detection capabilities


F. Stoican, Olaru, S., Seron, M. M., and De Doná, J. A., “Reference governor for tracking with fault detection capabilities”, in Proceedings of the 2010 Conference on Control and Fault Tolerant Systems, Nice, France, 2010, p. 546–551.

Date Published:

6-8 October

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This paper presents a fault tolerant multisensor strategy for feedback control of a class of nonlinear systems upon a geometrical approach. A key point to ensure fault tolerance is the separation between healthy and faulty closed-loop behavior. Here we achieve this through set theoretic operations upon sets describing the healthy/faulty behavior of the system. The results rely both on an appropriate choice for the exogenous signals and on fixed point conditions for a nonlinear mapping which describes the gap between the nonlinear system and a linearized model in the functioning interval. A reference governor is employed such that, under a receding horizon technique, only feasible exogenous signals are provided to the system.