Reference governor design for tracking problems with fault detection guarantees


F. Stoican, Olaru, S., Seron, M. M., and De Doná, J. A., “Reference governor design for tracking problems with fault detection guarantees”, Journal of Process Control, vol. 22, no. 5, p. 829–836, 2012.




The present paper deals with the reference tracking problem for processes with linear dynamics and multisensor information subject to abrupt sensor faults. A key point for fault tolerance will be the separation between healthy and faulty closed-loop behavior upon a set-characterization approach. This is achieved through set theoretic operations involving the healthy/faulty behavior of residual signals related to the system dynamics. As a main contribution, a reference governor scheme is designed using a receding horizon technique. It is shown that fault detection guarantees can be achieved by appropriate adjusting of the governor's delay/prediction window under mild assumptions on the fault scenario.