Reference governor design with guarantees of detection for delay variation


N. Stankovic, Stoican, F., Olaru, S., and Niculescu, S. I., “Reference governor design with guarantees of detection for delay variation”, in Proceedings of the 10th IFAC Workshop on Time Delay Systems, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 2012, p. 67–72.

Date Published:

22-24 June

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The present paper deals with fault tolerant control for linear dynamics with additive disturbances. The control action is generated based on information collected from a redundant, multi-sensors network. Delays that may appear during plant measurements transmission through real communication channels are considered as faults. Depending on presence of delay in feedback loop, dierent invariant sets can be computed. We show that fault tolerant control can be achieved through invariant sets separation with respect to dierent delay values. Sets separation is accomplished for specic values of the reference signal. Therefore, we introduce in the loop a reference governor which is designed by a receding horizon technique. Thus, we provide reference signals which practically guarantee fault detection and identication in real time.