Obstacle avoidance via B-spline parametrizations of flat trajectories


F. Stoican, Ivanusca, V. - M., Prodan, I., and Popescu, D., “Obstacle avoidance via B-spline parametrizations of flat trajectories”, in 24th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (MED), Athens, Greece, 2016.

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This paper considers the collision avoidance problem in a multi-agent multi-obstacle framework. The originality in solving this intensively studied problem resides in the proposed geometrical view combined with differential flatness for trajectory generation and B-splines for the flat output parametrization. Using some important properties of these theoretical tools we show that the constraints can be validated at all times. Exact and sub-optimal constructions of the collision avoidance optimization problem are provided. The results are validated through extensive simulations over standard autonomous aerial vehicle dynamics.

pages: 1002-1007