Controlled invariance-based fault detection for multisensory control systems


F. Stoican, Olaru, S., and Bitsoris, G., “Controlled invariance-based fault detection for multisensory control systems”, IET Control Theory & Applications Journal, vol. 7, no. 4, p. 606 – 611, 2012.




In this study, set theoretic methods are used to design a fault-tolerant scheme for a multisensor control application. The basic principle is the separation of the invariant sets for the estimations of the state and tracking error under healthy and faulty functioning. The fault scenario assumes abrupt changes of the observation equations. The main contribution of this paper is the introduction of controlled invariant sets in the fault detection mechanism. The control action is chosen in order to guarantee the closed-loop positive invariance of a candidate region when the exogenous signals (additive disturbances, noise and reference/set-points) are bounded.