Enhancements on the hyperplane arrangements in mixed integer techniques


F. Stoican, Prodan, I., and Olaru, S., “Enhancements on the hyperplane arrangements in mixed integer techniques”, in Proceedings of the 50th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control and European Control Conference, Orlando, Florida, USA, 2011, p. 3986–3991.

Date Published:

12-15 December

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The current paper addresses the problem of optimizing a cost function over a non-convex and possibly non-connected feasible region. A classical approach for solving this type of optimization problem is based on Mixed integer technique. The exponential complexity as a function of the number of binary variables used in the problem formulation highlights the importance of reducing them. Previous work which minimize the number of binary variables is revisited and enhanced. Practical limitations of the procedure are discussed and a typical control application, the control of Multi-Agent Systems is exemplified.