On corner cutting in multi-obstacle avoidance problems


F. Stoican, Grotli, E., Prodan, I., and Oara, C., “On corner cutting in multi-obstacle avoidance problems”, in 5th IFAC Conference on Nonlinear Model Predictive Control, Seville, Spain, 2015.

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One challenging and not extensively studied issue in obstacle avoidance is the corner cutting problem. Avoidance constraints are usually imposed at the sampling time without regards to the intra-sample behavior of the dynamics. This paper improves upon state of the art by describing a multi-obstacle environment via a hyperplane arrangement, provides a piecewise description of the forbidden regions and represents them into a combined mixed integer and predictive control formulation. Furthermore, over-approximation constraints which reduce to strictly binary conditions are discussed in detail. Illustrative proofs of concept, comparisons with the state of the art and simulation results over a classical multi-obstacle avoidance problem validate the benets of the proposed approach.