Publications by Co-Author: Nguyen

F. Stoican, Prodan, I., Grotli, E. I., and Thinh, N. N., “Inspection Trajectory Planning for 3D Structures under a Mixed-Integer Framework”, in {15th IEEE International Conference on Control & Automation IEEE ICCA 2019, July 16-19, 2019. Edinburgh, Scotland}, 2019, p. 1349–1354.
T. Nguyen, Prodan, I., Stoican, F., and Lefevre, L., “Reliable nonlinear control for quadcopter trajectory tracking through differential flatness”, in IFAC World Congress Conference, 2017.Abstract
his paper addresses the trajectory tracking problem for a quadcopter system under nominal and fault-affected scenarios, the latter case considers stuck actuator(s)). Differential flatness is employed for trajectory generation and control design. The particularity resides in that a full parametrization of the states and inputs is given without any assumptions or simplifications on the quadcopter dynamics. Furthermore, using the properties of flatness and a combination between computed torque control and feedback linearization, a two layer control design is proposed. The tracking performances and stability gurantees are analyzed for nominal and faulty functioning under extensive simulations.
H. N. Nguyen, Olaru, S., and Stoican, F., “On maximal robustly positively invariant sets”, in Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics, Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands, 2011, p. 300-305.Abstract
This paper addresses the problem of computing maximal robustly positively invariant sets for discrete-time linear time-invariant systems with disturbance inputs. It is assumed that the disturbance is unknown, additive, but bounded. The main contribution is the determination of bound of the number of steps in the iterative construction of the maximal invariant sets.